Keguan Graphite Products Company was established in 1999, it is located in Yongnian District, Handan City, and it is the largest supplier of graphite chutes in China. The company has grown with the Ductile Iron Pipe industry. Currently, the market share of graphite chutes exceeds 85%. The company monthly outputs 1500 sets of graphite chutes, it is an outstanding supplier of emerging cast pipe groups for many companies such as and Gaoping Jishi Group.

Since 2012, in addition to establishing a foothold in the domestic market, through its subsidiary company, Keguan Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd., has actively explored the international market and has exported our products to the cast pipe industry in Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries. It is the only enterprise in the same industry in China with independent import and export qualifications and capabilities.

In December 2017, Under strict environmental protection requirements, our company continued to improve ourselves, increased environmental protection investment, obtained the approval of provincial and municipal environmental protection inspection agencies, and was approved to issue emission permits. Our company is the only one with environmental protection qualification in our domestic counterparts. We Can effectively guarantee the supply of large customers in the heating season.