• Alcohol Base Sand Core Paint
Name:Alcohol Base Sand Core Paint

Product Description

Alcohol Base Sand Core Paint

The product is used in casting. In order to improve the surface quality of the casting,a layer of refractory coating is usually applied on the surface of the sand core to improve the surface thermal resistance , chemical stability, metal scouring resistance and adhering sand resistance.Sand core protective coating is an effective technical measure to prevent surface defects such as sand burning, sand inclusion, blisters and pores in castings, improve the surface quality of castings, reduce the amount of shaking out and cleaning work, improve the working environment, reduce the cost of castings and improve economic benefits.It has become an indispensable important protective coating in foundry production.

Product features: it prevents sand burning, reduces the surface roughness of the casting, strengthens the sand surface, have excellent shielding and isolating, adjusts the solidification temperature of the casting surface, reduces the shaking out of castings and so on.

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